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  • Capitals Lock: double-tap the Shift key – the key will turn blue and uppercase will be locked on. Tap again to finish. (NB. You may have to enable Caps Lock in Settings > General > Keyboard).

  • Punctuation Slide: To get to numbers and punctuation symbols you usually have to press the punctuation key, then the symbol you want, then the ABC key to return to letters. It’s quicker to hold the punctuation key then slide to the symbol key, then release to automatically return to letters.

  • Auto-correction inserts apostrophes in contractions: if you type hasnt it will print hasn’t. However, beware when you type its if using it as a possessive (eg. “The cat drank its milk”), as you’ll get an apostrophe when you don’t need one.

  • Auto-correction can be very handy but can also lead to inaccuracies, for if you make typing mistake it will substitute with what it thinks you want – which may not always be right! You definitely need to proof-read when you’re using it.

iPad user with a Windows computer?
To manage images your iPad's Pictures App, connect to your PC then use Windows Live to delete/arrange.
When finished, sync as usual using iTunes.