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FREE Mac App Bundle
This bundle is a thank you to all MacLegionnaires, new and existing, and it's totally free. When the countdown runs out, this bundle will disappear and we'll be launching our Premium Bundle. Get it while you can!

NEW Model iPad $729

Available The Warehouse, WiFi, 16GB, limit 1 per customer
15/8/12 - 21/8/12

Free Mac Tutorial App

The producer of the SCOtutor for Mac application has made it free to download for a limited time on both the Mac and iOS app stores.

This is the tutorial app aimed at new Mac users, and is designed to bring them up to speed with using a Mac from scratch.

The app will help a lot of Mac users - not just new Mac users, but experienced ones as well.

It's now available for free to everyone.

Download a copy of SCOtutor for Mac for yourself from both the Mac and iOS app stores - there is a Mac app and a Universal app that runs on all iOS 5 devices - iPhone/iPad and iPod touch.

You may not have purchased any of the other SCO titles so you may be interested to see how the app works, and it will also give you an idea of the type of content, the chapter structure,

Send the links below to all your Mac friends.
The app is the real deal and is the full content. There's a lot of information in the tutorial - it runs for 150 minutes!

I forgot to mention that the SCOtutor Mac App only runs on Lion - OSX 10.7.

The SCOtutor App is only available for Lion as they are built on some Lion only APIs that made it possible to included the subtitles and some more advanced features.
If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad the iOS version will run on these devices and is also free. A suggestion is to have the App on your iOS device and watch whilst following along on your Mac.

The links are:

Direct Link to Mac Version on the Mac App Store

Direct link to Universal App on the iTunes App Store (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch compatible

SCOtutor Applications by ScreenCastsOnline

Timaru District Libraries eBooks

The Timaru District Libraries are making ebooks available to their members from early 2012.

On their website there is a heading 'ebooks ' under which you can read all about it.
Timaru District Libraries are partnering with New Zealand Company, Wheelers Books, to bring a selection of eBook titles to their readers.

If you are considering buying a Kindle, be aware that the new Kindle eReaders on sale at Dick Smith Electronics, Noel Leeming etc. (or bought online from will not be compatible with eBooks from Timaru District Libraries.

The website indicates that iPad, iPad touch and iPhone will be able to access the ebooks.

Mac Going Slowly?

It may need Permissions Repaired.
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Could we have a meeting session on DropBox, please?
Also on synching iPads, please. [Rex]


MacDefender, MacProtector and MacGuard may appear on your Mac, uninvited. They are not are not genuine applications - do not install them! MacKeeper however is a genuine (and useful) application. [Tony C]

When you sign in to the iTunes Store to purchase/download music or apps, you may be asked to select questions and supply answers to them. This is a genuine security message from the Apple, as they have apparently increased their security arrangements. [Tony C]