Welcome to our AMUG Wiki Website!

A wiki is a website which can be easily edited to add or alter content.

This wiki can be used for members to...

  • post notices

  • share files and links

  • make agenda suggestions

  • share of ideas about special interests

  • get assistance from 'how to...' pages

  • give help and advice by sharing hints

  • etc...


This wiki is a protected, which means that anyone can view it, but only users who have 'joined' the wiki as members can make changes. To join:

  1. You should see a small black button-bar like this at the top right corner of the wiki:Bar.jpgClick the 'Join' button.

  2. A box like this appears lets you set up an account with Wikispaces, who host this wiki:Join.jpg
  3. Enter your username - we suggest your firstlast names as one word (eg. 'tombrown') so that you can be identified, as we don't want anonymous postings. Note that if Wikispaces tells you that the username you've entered is already used, it means that another Tom Brown is already on their list - try adding a numeral: 'tombrown1'
  4. Enter your password (of your choice) and email address.
  5. Click Join - Wikispaces will then send your request to join to the AMUG wiki organisers, who will then notify you that you have been accepted as a member so that you can sign in.


  • When you sign in, the Edit button at the top of each page becomes active.
  • Click it to turn the webpage into a document, add your own content, then click the Save button.
  • Typing added content is fairly straightforward, but adding images, video links, etc is a little more advanced - the process is explained in the Help>Editing a Page at the foot of the webpage, but will be demonstrated soon at an AMUG meeting.
  • Some pages are locked, and may only be altered by an Organizer; other pages may be altered by members of the wiki.
  • Please add your name to content that you post (initial content has been posted by the organizers).
  • When posting files please be aware of size constraints - as this is a free wiki we have a limit of 2GB of storage. If information is already on the Internet please post a link to it rather than uploading the content.