Post information about your favourite iOS (touch-screen device) applications.
Please specify which device(s) apps are suitable for - iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch, or both types.

Sheryl's Favourites:

tvGuide - extremely handy to have the TV Guide on the iPhone in my pocket, set the alarms each night for the programmes which I would like to watch. Then it reminds when which channel to watch as programme starts.

Grocery List: Create your grocery list on your iphone & take it with you to supermarket, cross items off list as you get each thing.

iSitter Combo app for 2 devices. Set one to monitor baby & other one to watch what is happening

iDigger Digging up Dinosaur bones, cleaning them & placing them on a dinosaur skeleton. Sorting rubbish & bones from other dinosaurs from the ones which you need

ANZgoMoney: Very cool access to your ANZ bank account

Airport Utility: Gives you a view of the setup of your network & how it's working

Nathan's Favourites:

Cut the Rope: Cut the rope at the right time to get the lollies to Om

Bike Race: keep upright on your trail bike as you negotiate different tracks

BY Xmas HD: get the Ladybird through the maze of boxes to get her safely home

Rail Maze: Change the rail tracks in time to get the train safely to the end of the line

Toca Doctor: about 10 different areas of the body which have problems to diagnose & fix....simple but fun

LEGO 4+: Create a variety of Lego vehicles then guide them through a course collecting rewards....then make a new model

Where's My Water?: Help get clean water to Swampy so he can have his shower

LetterSchool: Amazing programme for teaching letter sounds & formation (iPad/iPhone, $NZ4.19, Lite versions free)

iWriteWords: Letter formation & 3 letter words

PocketPhonics: letter sound, blends

Goose-Up Rhymes (iPhone $NZ2.59, iPad HD version $NZ5.29) - reading practice

Phonics Awareness (iPhone/iPad – both free) - letter-sound practice.
Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe (iPhone/iPad – both free) - letter-sound practice.
Monkey Maths (iPhone, $NZ1.29, Lite version free)
Monkey Math Balance (iPad, $NZ5.29) - maths basic number facts practice.